Advanced Cutting Systems, Inc.

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Live Oak, Florida 32060
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Die Cutters

2 sizes available
12" & 24" cutting width
An ACS die cutter is a power driven Rotary Die Cutter that cuts up to three (3) layers of pressure sensitive material. It is manufactured with a smooth base, under which is mounted the gear motor. The die feed roller is a precision manufactured steel roller, patterned for grip, and chain driven from the motor. The top pressure roller is manufactured from smooth, high strength, self-healing polyurethane and is replaceable. The rollers run in sealed bearing posts. A safety guard is provided over the roller mechanism. Once fed by the operator, the device will automatically power the die and sheeting through to completion.
ACS cutting dies are constructed using 8-ply hardwood die board, precisely cut to contain and support the steel rule inserts. The steel rule is uniformly hardened, sharpened, and accurately shaped to produce sharp, clean letters, numbers and symbols. The cutting dies are operationally compatible with the ACS die cutting machine. Other heights and thickness of rule are available upon request.