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Sign Shop Accessories
Clear Reusable TransferTape

Transfer your cut media with ease. May be reused 6-8 times reducing costs. Various sizes available.
Self Healing Cutting Mats

160 gauge thick. Translucent. Printed with Centering Ruler and alignment grid. Blades last longer and it protects your work surface
Safety Rulers

Our 28" or 40" ruler will be a valuable asset to your sign making tools with it's wide 2.6" surface with a non-skid rubber backing and the safety feature of the 2" finger guard shelf.
Material Storage Racks

These two sizes will hold either 44 or 16 rolls of material. This will keep your material
Teflon Squeegee

Very stiff, clean edge and the Teflon is so slippery it just glides. Available in 4" and 12".
Squeegee Holder

Ergonomic handle lock squeegee in tight. More control and less strain.
Convertible Knife Set

Tool holds either a standard knife blade or one of our super sharp weeding points. Rubber comfort grip, rear twist tool changer. Stays put won't roll.
Weeder Kit

Combines weeding point and knife in one handy tool.